Words Play...

Words play together in my mind
like children in the playground
by rigid structure and gamely plans
joy-filled steps, creative dance
See it? 
Pure joy.

Words play together
in my head
like children
  jumping happily on a bed
unrestrained by deadlines 
or fine lines
no fear
without care
see their gleeful faces 
as they dare?

Words run brazenly through my mind
like wild mustangs unconfined
unbridled by time and the cares of man
untamed by the constraints of civil land
Watch out-
here comes the stampede!

Words prowl the landscape of my brain
seeking prey
they rule and reign
uncaged and free
unruly beasts 
as they should be-
Kings and Queens!
Hear them roar?

Words swim fluidly 
in deep places
easily maneuver 
unhindered spaces
sometimes caught 
rarely bought
neurons, protons,
synapse, cell
swimming by still
 secrets to tell...
Feel the rhythm?

Words play endlessly
every day
I 'm not sure why
but they sure betray
all that goes on 
in this place
called me-
Words play within and
 I set them free!

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  1. smiles...set them free, set them free...or they might drive you mad...or maybe that is just me...words are always at play in my mind...

  2. nice, great ending. Really like the way this piece flowed. nice read. thanks

  3. Wow ... such vivid imaginations ... loved it !!!

  4. Yes, set them free. No good going round and round inside your head. I loved the imagery in this, the children playing and the joy they get and the joy we get seeing them.

  5. I just love this poem. You have definitely captured the mind of a poet...words, words everywhere in search of a poem...always playing! But really I don't know sometimes if I play with them or they play with me. Smiles.

  6. Wonderful poem, Dawn! I always have words running through my mind. I wrote poetry a lot when I was a teenager. The answer to your question in your previous post is definitely, "Yes." I know because He changed my life! Thank you for your visit and I wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving!


  7. I smiled at the stampede in the middle.


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