The Fight

The Fight

When the hits keep coming 
and refuse to stop
When you've given it your all
and still don't come out on top

When the mess looms large
the judgement deep
You can't pick your head up 
off the pillow
or find your feet

When the accusations hit and 
the lies unfold
your peeling back the grit
of what you have been told

Your stomach does halt
the blood flow to your heart 
it's not your fault 
but you have your part

The puzzle pieces spill
the cards do fly
the balls you were juggling 
blacken your eye

Your in the real world 
your body tells you so
It all unfurls 
and you feel the blows

The corner of the ring appeals to you,
if you can just get there
before your through

the Ref is close
you can see him there
but he can't protect you from the 
angry glares

you sink into the corner 
absorb the stares
Don't even bother 
the outpouring of tears

Bludgeoned by the battle 
wearied by the cause
Do you even remember 
what you're fighting for?

The tears choke you now and you cannot breathe
 you're looking side to side but see no reprieve
trapped in the ring
doomed to die

Better put'em up
Death's no alibi.

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  1. Wow - this is really thoughtful. Thank God for His strength and protection in the battle!

  2. Yup, you are right!! A strong write here.

  3. the part that really got me was bludgeoned by life do you remember what you are fighting for...that right there was enough for me...and a question we need to ask ourselves often...

  4. This is really good Dawn; I think we have all experienced these feelings of helplessness. Thankfully, the real battle is the Lord's, and despite the battles we face, His power is the strength that protects us!

    1. Denise, thanks- I think poetry is a beautiful vehicle for expressing many of our challenging emotions - and the human condition! Grateful that we ultimately have a faith that has delivered the knockout punch to death and sin! This poem was also partially inspired by the tragic fight between Ray Mancini and Duk Koo Kim in 1982 which ended Kim's life.

  5. You accessed your emotions well in this poem; I was in the ring with you...aching for your struggle..I agree with Brian about asking ourselves what we are fighting for...so grateful we have Him with us...blessings, Dawn :) Linked up behind you at Emily's


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