Journal Keeping {Faith Life Preservers-Day 4}

If the truth be known, and it is, if there is one activity in my life 
that has sustained me and been sustained by me longer than journal writing
 it's only breathing

Do you keep a journal? 

I have been keeping a journal since I picked up a pen. 
It borders on OCD, this need to chronicle at times. 
I write. A lot. 
Majority of it is done in my journal. 
Not all of it, of course- but I am saving my other writer's hats for another post! 
Fact is I write poetry on the fly, random thoughts, prayers, ideas, scripture, quotes
and anything else that prompts that pen and paper to connect. 
I rarely if ever travel without my latest protege. 
I don't worry about being neat. Sometimes my writing is barely legible.
But my words must be unleashed.
Poured out on paper.

When I trained for Bodybuilding and Powerlifting competition
 I wrote everything I ate, drank and each workout methodically for 7 years.
That was in addition to my true journal writing which
 detailed more of my inner-life or actually back then, relationships, struggles, thoughts, conflicts.
Lots of conflicts, actually.

My journal is a place that bears witness to the inner workings of my life.
It reflects growth, change and reality. Or at least my perception of reality in time.
These days it reveals my relationship with God.
My journal over the years records both my before Christ and after.
Ultimately my journal clearly records the transforming
power and grace of Jesus Christ
in one girl's life.

He gives beauty for ashes...

My habit of journal keeping has kept me afloat through many storms.
It continues to bring me joy and keeps me connected to my feelings, thoughts
and  best of all, God's heart.
One other thing: My years of journal writing makes Blogging a piece of cake!
Delightfully delicious!

Journal Keeping is most assuredly a true Faith Life Preserver!

If you keep a journal of any kind, I would like to invite you join us for
 Random Journal Day! It just happens to be this weekend.
The link will be open until mid-month so you have time to dig out a journal entry to share!
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  1. Hi Dawn - I journal too. Not as much now that I have discovered blogging. But I still save the worst of me for the journal. That gut wrenching "God where are you?" stuff is saved for the pages of my journal. Loved how you described your journaling. Made me feel like my journaling and copious writing is um, normal too :)
    God bless

    1. Love that we have another think in common, Tracy and I am learning to share the God, where are you" stuff...because A. I am getting older and care less B.just know someone might relate.
      C. I am crazy like that. D. All of the above.
      Hugs, lady!

  2. Great post, Dawn! My favorite part was your mention of "It continues to bring me joy and keeps me connected to my feelings, thoughts
    and best of all, God's heart." I loved that!

    1. Loved your Facebook sharing idea! Thanks for that and great post on your end as well. Glad we connected today!

  3. Dawn-I love how you designate a journal as a Faith Life Preserver...journaling is a life line for me, too...I am looking forward to Random Journal Day...and reading more of your 31 Days of...posting...it is true journaling prepared me for blogging, too.

    Love that you have a chronicle of your life journey and can see the grace of Jesus through your journals!

    1. Thanks, Kel- checking out your Nourishment For The Soul as well!

  4. Journalling is definaetly a life preserver for me. Planning on joining you for random journal day this weekend.

    1. Amen! So glad you will be joining in- I so appreciate your shares!

  5. Hi Dawn,

    Journaling has been a part of my life too. From teen scrawls about boys and missions trips, to growing stories of life and age, my notebooks accumulate over the years. Now my kids create and grab their own journals, disappearing away to write.

    It's nice to stop by your site again.

    Have a great day,
    Jennifer Dougan

    1. Jennifer,

      Hello! It's always nice to see you here as well as over at your place! It's great that you were able to go on Missions Trips as a teen. ;) Visiting you back!

  6. Hi Dawn:
    Last month I got confused about when RJD was. I do some journaling and a lot of blogging. I am ready with the RJD post.
    Journaling helps me keep my perspective when things are difficult for me.

    1. Oh, sorry for the confusion Cecelia! I will look forward to reading your entry! I agree perspective is better with my journal view.

  7. Good, good stuff. Interestingly enough, in a book I'm currently reading, the author talks about how her journal writing is a form of prayer to her because it gives her a way to see what is going on in her heart. I love that and can relate to it. Similar to what quietspirit said in her comment. <3 Love you, girl. <3

  8. Hi Dawn, I have kept a journal ever since I was a child. And when i read my journals I can see my transformation, what was important to me at the time, what i found funny, etc. I kept my prayer journal separate from my diary and yes, there was a dichotomy in my life too. Now I keep only one journal and one can see how very important God is in my life. He's no. 1! Blessings! Patsy from
    HeARTworks and

  9. Definitely a dying art form. Thanks so much for sharing. Joining from Friendship Friday - http://allthoseartsygirls.blogspot.com/

  10. First off, love your blog layout/background! Makes me want to go to the beach :)

    I need to start a journal again. Since my daughter's death I just haven't been able to put my feelings into words. Your post is a great inspiration.

  11. great blog post! I love journalling and its always good to have a reminder about how therapeutic it is.
    Found you on Friendship Friday


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