Treat yourself to A Retreat! {Jumping Tandem: The Retreat)

What comes to your mind when I say the word "retreat"?
Well,what comes to my mind is horizon. 
As in new.
New horizon.
I found out that some of the sweetest, most dedicated in His grace bloggers
 I know in this Blogosphere are coming together and offering 
a really great opportunity for discovering new horizons.
Or maybe helping to re-discover forgotten ones. 

It is to be held in Ashland, Nebraska. April 19-21.

Deidre Riggs has had it on her heart for awhile apparently and how inspiring to us 
who dream in color: she is making it happen!

I heard it first from Michelle Derusha and had to pass along 
this bit of wonderful to you.
Because news travels fast in this crazy, beautiful Blogosphere but let's face it,
some news is just too good not to share right away!

I wonder if it's not your time to be refreshed in "your big, amazing, ridiculous dream".

Could it be your time to treat yourself to this retreat?

Check out :

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1


  1. Yay!! This is so fun, Dawn -- *thank you*

    1. Sure, Michelle. I really felt like God wanted me too share it! My pleasure really!

  2. Ooo, I would love to go! When can we register? :)

    1. Sarah, I think the information has been updated. Also saw Sandra Heska King post w/details

      This is copied from Sandra's page-

      "Here’s some other stuff you need to know:

      Early bird registration will begin October 1 and run through October 6. (I’m first in line! No jostling!)
      Early bird tickets will be $249 and will include a retreat pass, two nights lodging, and five meals.
      Regular priced tickets will be $299 and will include a retreat pass, two nights lodging, and five meals.
      A day pass will also be available for those who may live nearby and choose not to stay at the retreat center. The cost for a day pass is $99 (early bird) and $139 (regular price) and will include lunch and dinner on Saturday.
      Ashland, NE is a 30-minute drive from the Omaha airport. We will provide a shuttle from the airport to the retreat center.
      Optional “Be Brave” activities will include the ropes course and zip line, under the supervision and direction of Retreat Center staff members. Participants can add this activity as one of their breakout sessions for an additional $10.
      The event is designed to be casual, cozy, and small — we’re planning for about 60 overnight participants, with a possibility of up to 100 total (including those who choose a day pass)."
      Hope that helps!

  3. Thank you for your kinds words, Dawn. Eager to meet you there?

    1. Amy, Consider me part of the prayer team this year! I will be with you all in Spirit this first time! Maybe the next one? ;)

  4. It would be all joy and privilege to meet you! Thank you for praying for the women who will come, that they may dig deep and stretch high for the dreams of God.

    ~ Jennifer Dukes Lee

    1. Thanks for visiting Jennifer- and I will be- AM praying with you that each would dig deep and stretch high for the dreams of God. Oh that we would see Heaven- His Kingdom and glory - on Earth-through His grace and by His power!


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