Hello {Wordless Wednesday}

       This is Ashley and Aurora. 

They want to say hello to 
Tsunami and Legend.



"Hello, Boys!"

Best wishes in your new home!

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  1. Thank you SO much for your PURR-fect message -
    you pretty gals really made our day!

    Do you know that Dad packed Mom's camera cable away in on of his office boxes (unmarked of course)? Mom says there can be NO new photos of us until that cable is found (and Dad gets her computer up and running!)

    We like our new home now that we are getting settled in but the first few days were rough... and moving day was the worst! We will be happy we things settle down though... every day our environment changes... we much prefer stability!

    Have a glorious day and best wishes to your mom too!

    ME-ows and furry hugs from Legend & Tsunami


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