Sharing The Sunrise {Beach Morning Walk}

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, 
    for his compassions never fail. 
They are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness. 
Lamentations 3:22-23

It's the day after my birthday and I am awake though the sun is not up yet. The sweet memory of a blessed birthday is lingering in the back of my mind. Sleep is still visiting my husband and daughter. I take the dog out and see two stars shining brightly out of the dusky morning. I am longing to walk in the cool of the morning, greeting the day, beholding the Creator's morning canvas. How I love Sunrise. I love it more than a beautiful sunset. It is the beautiful reminder of those new mercies promised every morning, by a faithful God, after the darkness of night. So consider this my Post-Birthday Gift to you. Be refreshed and blessed in the new mercies of the morning. Regardless of the time when you read this, embrace the idea, the belief, the gift of His grace, forgiveness, love and beauty. Right now. No hesitation. It's for you, my friend. With love.

Walk with me in the cool of His grace, in the gentleness and strength of His presence.
Let's go... 

There is none like this Artist,
my friend.
May He bless you today. 

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  1. Beau-ti-ful, Dawn! Dawn at dawn! And happy birthday a day late! Thanks for sharing God's handiwork!

  2. Happy Birthday Dawn! A very good friend of mine celebrated her birthday on the 24th as well. Special ladies! A girl after my own heart...what could be more beautiful than being on the beach at sunrise? The beach is my favourite place to go! It's a place where I go to relax and where all the worries seem to leave me as I bask in the fresh air and wonder of God's handiwork.
    No one could ever paint a picture as beautifully as our Creator! Thank you for sharing such bliss with us and I pray you have a wonderful new year before you filled with blessings from His hand...Sandi

  3. These are simply beautiful. Blessings for the year ahead.

  4. Thank you, Dawn. The colors are magnificent, the sun...glorious. We are no longer able to afford staying for a week at the beach, so watching the sun come up on your page is so very precious to me. Thank You, Lord. <3

    1. Anything for my Bloggy BFF. Loved your post today as well!

  5. Happy Birthday, Dawn!! I feel like I was right there with you. You captured HIS beauty wonderfully. Amazing, just amazing colors!!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Thanks for the wishes. Same back at you.

  7. Lovely and may this coming year bring you blessings.

  8. Happy Birthday, Dawn! Wow, wow, wow. what glorious photos! thanks for sharing! You live right there? - Pam, http://wordglow.wordpress.com

  9. Belated Happy Birthday! Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing.

  10. So pretty. "There is none like this Artist..." so, so true! (Visiting from The Sunday Community)

  11. Praying you had a beautiful birthday! These photos are stunning! He is the Master Artist. No one paints the sky like my God!

  12. Wow, I am never tired of the beach. It is peaceful and refreshing. Thank you for that reminder.

  13. Wow! How beautiful these are. Thank you for capturing the beauty for us all to enjoy. Katherine was right about these you know.

  14. Would love to be walking there... worshiping and praising and glorifying the Glorifier. What a blessed time you had to see our Lord touching the world with His hand of love.


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