Egyptian Princess

Long eye-lashes
painted face
a certain air betrays her race
her royal expression is not common place

strong, sleek-
she's a stately grace
holds herself regally

chest held high
posture perfect royalty
absolutely feline

acute vision,
wisdom's eyes
when she curls herself small
she gently defies
preconceived ideas of where truth lies...

her agility and manner 
reveal her family ties
swat, snarl, a gentle bite
playing with her prey is sheer delight
Her roots remain
there's no denying 
this Egyptian Princess
hails from lions.

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  1. smiles...this is fun...mine is a descendant of a mountain lion i am sure...she will let you pet her as long as it is her idea and she will let you know when she is done...ha...

  2. The felis is not always domesticus.

  3. The lion is king, I like that you the cat's origins for this poem.
    http://leah-jamielynn.typepad.com is where my poems at

  4. Love that you shared on dVerse! Well done, a very nice write. I love it girl!

  5. Very nice ~ I like your descriptions of her roots and lineage ~

  6. Regal verse befitting such a queen! I like the way it could be about a human female up to the final line of the third stanza. Lovely cat too!

  7. Now that was the "cat's meow!" Loved it.


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