Wordless Wednesday: Blow

Linking up for the first time for Wordless Wednesday: 
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PS It's really hard for me not to write some words. 
Just saying.

And also just discovered:
Beautifully Rooted! 


  1. Hi Dawn - found you through WW at Create with Joy. I know how you feel about not writing words - it just feels wrong. But I love creating something every week for WW - pictures speak a thousand words, right?

  2. LOL, I thought that was too cute, not being able to hold back from writing 'something'...I would find it near impossible! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. I just blew at your dandelion...I was hoping to see it blow in a skillion directions...but I imagined it anyway. We don't have dandelions in Florida...I'm one of those crazy people who love them. They are NOT weeds! God created them to enjoy! Thank you.

  4. Dear Dawn,

    Your photo is lovely and you can use as few or as many words as you want at my Wordless Wed party (I used to be quite chatty on mine - the only thing that has cut down the verbiage is lack of time to write more!) I thought about renaming it when I first posted but went with Wordless cause that's what everyone knows it as. So have fun either way - I won't shhh you if you speak, lol! Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing - hope to see you at Friendship Friday! :-)

    Create With Joy

  5. Okay my first thought was allergy - but my second thought was - there is beauty in that anyway. sandie

  6. Great shot! Blow and make a wish:)

    Visiting for Wordless Wednesday- hope you can stop by:)



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