You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them,
because the one who is in you is greater 
than the one who is in the world. 

We know that we live in him and he in us, because he has given us of his Spirit. And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son to be the Savior of the world. If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in him and he in God.

 And so we know and rely on the love God has for us.

   God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him. In this way, love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment, because in this world we are like him. 

(1 John 4:4,13, 16-17)

The one thing I am counting on: His love...
I am fully reliant on His love.

Are you reliant on His love today?
It will transform you completely.
It is in fact, an extreme makeover.

I am grateful that He has my back, front, sides and innards.

He has me covered, friends.

I face each day steadfast in His love because it is all that matters...
He becomes greater, and I become less;
in this I have confidence
and am made complete...

Lord, You truly bring freedom and I do pray that I, 
and all those who desire to know you 
would grasp the vast sum of your love in Christ Jesus.
You, Lord, are greater and in this recognition 
I rely wholly on your love. 
May we be more like you  in the world now,
by your Spirit,
 that your love may be made known. 

I found some new friends and am sharing with them today, so you might enjoy meeting some new friends (if you do not already know one another!).

Joining these lovely Bloggers: Charlotte: Spiritual Sundays; Michelle; Hear it on Sunday; Barbie: Fresh Brewed Sundays, and Deidre: Jump Tandem! So many wonderful places for Christians to be encouraged!
Enjoy visiting! 


  1. Yea! New reads! I love the new sounds....the beach is my happy place. :)

  2. Amen! Joining you in prayer Dawn.

    Following you over here from Barbie's.

  3. A chilly and cloud covered morning here in South Jersey - but not while visiting your blogs today, my dear. I feel the sunshine and refreshing water lapping my feet as I soak in His presence and Word for me today - He IS Greater - and this I know!!!!

  4. Beautiful words, my friend. Lined up with our worship through music at church today!

    Love the sounds on your site. :)


  5. Basically, what I don't know now is how my life would be operating moment-by-moment if He wasn't walking with me instant-by-instant.


  6. There is nothing greater than His love. It has brought me through and it carries me today. Thank you for linking up with Fresh Brewed Sundays Dawn!

  7. wow, I love the ocean sounds...and the writing is calming and soothing as well. I may just leave this one on for a while and enjoy. Thank you for sharing with us. Yes, we CAn RELY on HIM!!! AMEN!!!

  8. This message goes with your word for the year, yes? Always...less of me, and more of Him.

    Welcome to the Sunday Community! Thanks so much for linking up!

  9. He has me covered! Love those words. I'm hanging on to the thought throughout this week.

  10. "Less of me, more of you"...
    A lovely message to keep this and everyday!
    What a blessing to wake up and welcome another day! Thank you Heavenly Father!

  11. I love, love, love 1 John. That book just lays the truths out there so plainly!

  12. I love the sounds of the beach too - makes me feel closer to God. sandie

  13. I love the look of your blog (and the sound). I have always loved the ocean. I also love this post. It is comforting. Thank you for sharing with us on Spiritual Sundays.


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