When War Wages

The Battle of Anghiari (1505) by  Leonard da Vinci  (Wikpedia)

What would it take to heal these wounds?
Why can't I speak it?
Afraid that truth will kill all love?
Does Truth kill Love?
War wages.
God is Love.
Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth, the Life..."
The Truth.
Jesus is God.
Is God love?
If God is love, and He is;
and Jesus is God, and He is;
and God is for me, not against me...
And. He. Is.
Then what remains?
Fight. Now. 
God is Love. Jesus is God.
He loves me with a love that cannot die.
Is not afraid.
Tells me, "Fear not".
He has not given me a spirit of fear.
Therefore I reject this lie.
I stand firm in Truth.
By His blood.
In His power.
When war wages, and fear rages against my soul...
I will stand firm.

I cling to Him, and fight with all my might.

Though the battle wages,
enemy relentlessly pursuing me-

He has already won and I am His
I cling to His victory-

Strawberry Roan


  1. Dawn, this is a wonderful and powerful poem. Thank you for sharing!

  2. this is what we have to do constantly. fight for Truth. i have to dig deep, fin the lies i'm believing and replace them with His word. sooo good! thank you.

  3. oh wow. such truth and power in this, friend. thank you for this beautiful poetry...


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