I'm Fascinated By His Love

Original Painting by C.M. Dudash

The one thing that attracts me to Jesus, is His love. 
Not that you are surprised, but His love is surprising to me. 
See, I am fully aware of the rarity and the perfection of this love.
 This love that would die, is not common to man.
 This love which the bible describes as an all consuming fire.
 This love that promises to never leave nor forsake me. 
That bled for me. 
Receives my confessions, turns the other cheek again, and again
 while I struggle to say the words, "I'm Sorry", 
without a hint of self-righteousness.
 This love that daily feeds me, 
nourishes my being into wholeness, 
completes me and continues to perfect me, 
an imperfect sinner growing more Holy in His dying. 
I cannot fathom this Love. 
This love which holds no malice when treated badly, unfairly.
 Judged, slandered, crucified. 
Weeping over those who refuse His open arms. 
This love does fascinate, resonate within, and completely confound me. 
This love that utterly defeats the sin which I cling to, 
with filthy rotting, fleshly, hands.
Corruptible. Cleansed by His Incorruptibility. 
Perfection replaces imperfection.
Grace that imparts graciousness, to the undeserving and ungrateful.
Mercy that births godly sorrow and repentance.
Love that promises to chase every fear away,
that never pushes, shoves or behaves rudely.
But promises forever, wrapped in peace and 
power clothed in gentleness.
Love that sacrificed to provide a righteousness,
seat, and banner-
security for me
meant death upon that tree
for Him whose love was willing.
A saving love spelled out with costly blood.
Yes, I'm fascinated by His Love,
and I could go on forever 
about the wonders of it.
That is exactly what I intend to do, 
by His grace, for His glory
In His name Forever.

Thank you Bonnie for hosting, and here are the prompts for those who want to join!

*This Thursday’s 2/23/12 Writing Prompt:* Share one thing that attracts you to Jesus.
*Next Thursday’s 3/1/12 Writing Prompt:* 
Trust. (“trust” has become our #1 most selected One Word for the year.)
Approach it any way you feel inspired! Only required ingredient: keep it real.

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