Today and Always

© Dawn Paoletta (please do not copy)
I took this picture at Narragansett Beach
 on December 31, 2010 New Years Eve morning.
One year ago today. 
Today and Always

Some say life is a series of choices...

If I choose to argue

for that "important" cause, 
it might be a good thing,
some would take pause.

If I choose to oppose 
every wicked thing,
and stand shouting hateful words 
in hopes of good to bring.

If I choose to pursue
the many worldly goods,
passing by those shaking their heads
and all accusing shoulds.

If I choose to waste my words on that which 
seems is right,
instead of yield to the brightest 
of all penetrating light.

If I choose to fight the wars 
of those who oppose -
all of the godly people,
what do you suppose?

If I choose to battle in the strength 
of many men,
I would lose my hope and power 
from the one 
in whom I depend.

If I choose to strive for all godliest of gain,
I might lose it all-
that which I have yet to attain.

If I choose to seek those who exclude the least,
I would leave behind 
the one who brings true peace-
excluding none.

If I choose to speak when it has not been led,
by the Spirit through the Son,
my words are lifeless yet, and best remain unsaid. 

If I choose to let these lips impart what's true,
I will have served best 
the One who who makes all things new.

If I choose to share what I have received,
I confirm with my mouth,
that which I believe.

I choose instead of all of these,
 to stay beside my guide,
and cling to his robe-
safely -
that is where I hide.

In doing so I confirm 
my identity-
nothing else I am but His,
a child,
chosen, loved - free. 

Keep your wars, your fame, your fights, your rights and soapbox stands,
I am most content
 clinging to His hand.

I'll leave you to your preaching, your rants, and your tirades,
I will stay close by my King avoiding the charades.

I will live my one life 
praising my Faithful King,
knowing and believing
in the Truth that he brings.

For the life I claim as mine
is truly not my own.

He laid down His life and 
Heaven now,
 is called my home.

Above all else I pray 
that this be my one thing.

I live today and always
to glorify The One True King.

©Dawn Paoletta


  1. Beautiful! And I love the photo!!! Happy New Year!

  2. I just read this aloud to myself here in this empty house and when I finished, I said "Oh my Lord! That is perfect!"
    Ha! Beautifully expressed and it resonates with my heart completely. wow, I especially love the three stanzas about "speaking", #'s 9, 10 & 11.
    I think I am going to send my readers to this post Dawn, ok?

  3. Already did it. Did not wait for your permission. Ha!

  4. Oh, this is wonderful, I LOVE it, Dawn!!!!

    A very happy, healthy, joy-filled, Christ centered and Spirit led New Year to you and your family, my friend!!!

    At His feet,

  5. Inspiring. Wishing you and yours a peaceful, happy new year.

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    I'm visiting you from http://beautybrite.com and http://everafterpr.blogspot.com!

    *We're seeking book tour hosts at Ever After PR! Stop by and say hi!

  7. Really wonderful and inspiring, loved reading it.

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