"I Am That Woman" on Trailing After God

1993 in Florida "posing" for a professional photographer at a physique show.

Well friends, today I am thankful to guest post on a sister's Blog.
Please check it out and be sure to let me know what you think!
Thank you Melinda Todd for the opportunity to share my heart
and also for being the courageous woman of God you are!
Check out her story, website and my Guest Post here : I Am That Woman
(Archives July 18, 2011)
In His Grace for His Glory!

Remember, there is always more...beneath the surface! Don't settle for less- Keep digging!

Enthusiastically, Dawn

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  1. I know I also associate myself with the "the woman at the well"...alot of self condemnation and perceiving myself a certain way in the eyes of Christ. Little did I know that he loves us too much to leave us where we are. He does not want to see us suffer, he offers us living waters for those who are thirsty. Come drink from my well I can give you eternal life...Amen~



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